Mindfulness is an attitude, a way of being with the self and the world. Even if we do not always realize it, it is the attitude that we ask our patients in EMDR: to observe simply what comes, without judging, without trying to control ...


The dual attention in EMDR consists in this presence to what is happening (in the present and in relation to the past). We ask the patient to start from the threads of Phase 3, and then to welcome all what may come: thoughts, sensations, emotions, images, memories ...


As EMDR practitioners, we must embody this attitude and be continuously present to what is happening in ourselves, from the arrival of the patient to his departure. Without that, at best we slow down the process, at worst we prevent it.


Mindfulness in EMDR is a total acceptance. It is not a moral agreement, but an opening beyond the point of view, both to what the patient is carrying and what is happening to him now. From one session to the next, this now continually surprises us, disarms us, makes us realize our fundamental impotence which must be considered as inherent to our role of therapist. "Get out of the way!" – so tells us F. Shapiro. This openness is also some non-resistance. When something in us "knows" what is good for our patient, wants to lead, or give advice ... we are resisting ourselves against the process of integration and adaptation






- Understand what mindfulness is and its relevance as an EMDR therapist.

- Become able to observe any lack of presence in a professional or personal situation.

- Deepening the practice of mindfulness in all situations of life.








Morning - Theory - Mindfulness before Descartes. AIP model: the understanding of mindfulness in the context of the Adaptive Information Processing, and in the context of the current psychology, sharing, Questions and Answers.


Afternoon: Practicum and Demonstration. Implementation in Therapeutic Situation: EMDR – a Mindfulness Therapy





Morning: Theory - How EMDR psychotherapy is mindfulness psychotherapy in practice: dual attention. Demonstration


Afternoon: Practicum Mindfulness on the go. Questions and Answers. Closure






Power Point, demonstrations, practicum, questions / answers...






EMDR Practitioners who have completed at least Level I Initial EMDR Training






tony brazil

Born in New York, he began to practice meditation and yoga during his adolescence. He began teaching them in 1973. In 1979, he lived as a monk for four years. His professional psychology studies have always been oriented in the same direction: Vittoz, Carl Rogers Therapy, EMDR, then therapies specifically based on energy systems. Between 1991 and 2016, he worked as a psychotherapist in France in private practice. Recognized as an EMDR Consultant (Supervisor) by EMDRIA (USA) in 2006, then by EMDR-Europe in 2007, he worked as Supervisor and Facilitator for the two EMDR Training Institutes in France. He now lives in Connecticut on a land formerly inhabited by the Native American people Weantinock, and continues his work as a therapist and supervisor







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